Our architecture is an expression of our passion for construction and the close collaboration with our clients. We oversee projects from the first concept until it is completed. We are in a permanent dialogue with our clients and so develop their individual desires. We create passion- our leitmotif in all our fields of work – in architecture, art, interior and cooperate design. A holistic design approach for individual and sustainable solutions and the supervision of all project phases complete our philosophy.

SPAR*K was founded after cooperation in several renowned offices and projects as a network of individual competences and disciplines. In a short period of time, we created an architecture firm with the focus on housing, interior design and cooperate architecture.

Commando stands for our straightforward, transparent and fast way of working, we quickly react to new requests and challenges and deploy rapidly. Our current focus lies on housing projects for co-housing groups. An interdisciplinary team and nationwide network of partners is responsible for the execution of our projects.

Our build products, such as front roofs, family homes and large dwellings can be found in Berlin and all over Germany.


With our installations, sculptures and objects in public spaces we express our search for the transition of built art to architecture and vice versa. The approach and fusion of both disciplines is what fascinates us. Detached from functional influences and constraints, form does not follow function in our work of art. We see our objects as large scale model making, we translate directly from virtual space to reality. With the models, we examine and explore what can be learned in architecture from art.

Sometimes it is a shape we would like to discover, sometimes it is a new material we find exciting and want to work with. We work according to the principle of small multiples, in which everyday objects and materials are transformed to something completely new by multiple multiplication.  We like to build big, to cross given spatial boundaries and by doing change the space, perception and atmosphere. The viewer and his experience of space are always at the center.

Our work can be seen at art festivals, in public space and at exhibitions, we also work for private clients.

About us

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Carsten Dankert | Gunnar Krempin
The Directors

The architects and friends founded the architecture commando SPAR*K in 2009 after collaborating several years with renowned architecture firms. In a short period of time, SPAR*K  established itself as an office for housing, corporate design, art installations and design in Berlin and Germany.


Our projects develop in several service phases. In these modules, we collaborate with our clients from their first idea to the conception, planning, construction design, building supervision and completion of the product. What drives us are our client’s ideas. Feasibility and design studies, communication with the authorities, housing or retail – we will find the proper solution.

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