Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Sustainability, Urban Design

Our first cohounsing projekt is to be developed in a quiet residential street in Berlin-Spandau. On the prominent corner lot, we are designing a residential building with 15 units in the KfW55 standard. The shape and location of the property, as well as planning regulations, ensure a special architecture across the street corner: Interlaced bay windows and balconies loosen up …

Kita Glückshausen

Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability

Together with our client kevisa gGmbH, we are planning and developing a three-storey new daycare center in Berlin for around 100 children. Based on the clients concept , the central themes of “environment / nature, nutrition and home” are implemented spatially, graphically and constructively both in the building and in the outside area. The supporting structure consists of a slim …

Co-Housing Project “Am Kreuzgraben”

Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Sustainability

We are constructing two apartment buildings with 15 individual apartments as a co-hounsig project  in the district Niederschönhausen in Berlin. Besides the challenge of individual design and planning for owners and future dwellers, we have to maintain the ground water level during construction time. Renderings: Malte Niedringhaus


Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability

We transform a dwelling from the 1920s in the aviation district of Berlin-Tempelhof. The last modernisation of the building dates back th the 1950s. The building is part of the preservation decree Gartenstadt Neu Tempelhof. Our concepts adapts the house to the demands of the new owners and transforms it into a contemporary single-family home, whithout neglecting historic elements and …

Bildungshaus Wolfsburg

Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Sustainability, Urban Design

Four different educational institutions are joint spatially and thematically together in a new Bildungshaus. Manifold uses and functions require a flexible as clearly structured building concept.The building is conceived as a landscape, which allows both smooth transitions and clear separation of the different uses and exciting references from inside and outside. By dividing the building in topographic bands with incised …

Europan – Leighton Modular

Gunnar Krempin Sustainability, Urban Design

In the course of the horticultural show ‘Landesgartenschau 2018’, the competition searches for a concept for an innovative and sustainable new district of housing, business and recreation on the premises of the former Leighton Barracks in Würzburg. SPAR*K orient their concept closely to the Masterplan from 2010, simply switching the volumes to create more private gardens and park areas allocated …


Gunnar Krempin Architectual Art, Installations, Sustainability

Neukölln is changing – at first, the transformation process the district’s appearance and residence has been undergoing was a subtle one, now it is omnipresent and visible at every corner. SPAR*K’s office exists in the district since three years and is thus part of the gentrification process in Neukölln. In the public discussion, gentrification is increaingly seen as the beginning …

House T

Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability

The approx. 1000 sqm property is situated at the northern city limits of Berlin, in Glienicke / Nordbahn. The specific characteristics of the site stipulated by local building regulations allow a narrow building to the street and an elongated volume in the depth, to leave the former German-German border on the premises visible and free of any built mass. In …

Cafeteria Waldorf School Berlin Mitte

Gunnar Krempin Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability, Urban Design

The Waldorf School Berlin Mitte resides in the protected complex of the former primary School Weinmeistersteraße. On the Northern side of the building, the school intends to erect a new building for after-school care and cafeteria. The SPAR*K design both reflects the rational grid façade of the existing building and distinguishes itself from it. Thereby the special use of the …